Burcu Kisac

November 14, 2018

Burcu attended Marmara University in Istanbul, where she studied media and communications. She worked at an international channel broadcasting where she prepared and presented her own TV program about business and the economy. She has volunteered or worked with several Roma NGOs, including the Mediterranean Roman Associations Federation, where she worked on  education, early marriage and child labour.

“By using the power of media, I would like to inform my community and increase their  awareness, especially about our rights in society. Also I would like take part in policy making as an advocate and representative of our Roma rights.Therefore, I want to increase awareness in the field of rights and law. In addition, I would like to work for an international non-profit  organization and produce some projects such as in the multi-faceted types of TV programs and social media projects. In the future, I plan to make incentive projects to encourage a more  active role in politics. An MA degree in Political Science will add value to myself and my career while also enabling me to better defend my community rights. I would like to rebuild my national identity. RGPP is a great help in this process as I prepare to attain this goal.”