Dorina Azemi

November 14, 2018

Dorina studied Psychology at Albania University, and aims to help build bridges between cultures and promote diversity and cooperation. She aims to be a role model for future generations and hopes to work with minority groups on mental health issues.

“I am currently a proud member of the Roma Graduate Preparatory Program, where I have begun exploring the field of Gender Studies at Central European University. My continuous search for new alternatives and opportunities in assisting minority groups has encompassed several years of work throughout which I demonstrated my willing contribution to Roma issues. I hope to bring about effective change in future generations of Roma, such as by building bridges within multicultural communities to engender the acceptance of diversity as a part of integrity and cooperation between Roma and other social groups. My close support of Roma issues has increased my motivation to develop as much as possible while also being a role model for a multicultural society. My efforts to complete a Master’s degree in psychology and apply my knowledge to society, with a special emphasis on the mental health of members of minority groups requires a lot of responsibility, yet also provides me with an enormous sense of gratification.RGPP is a very important key element to helping me successfully complete all the factors necessary for achieving this goal.”