Dzenifer Dzeladin

November 14, 2018

Dzenifer graduated with a degree in Criminology from the Skopje Police Academy in 2009. After her graduation, she volunteered for one year in the Macedonian Ministry of Interior Affairs. Then, as a young Roma professional, she was part of the project Best Practices for Roma from Wester Balkan at the Mission of OSCE in Skopje and at the Commission for Prevention and Protection Against Discrimination. She worked at the Citizens Association Institute for Human Rights in Skopje on issues of discrimination, segregation and the rights to education for Roma children in elementary school.

“The skills and competences I will gain through the RGPP program will help my future personal and professional development and will add up to the combination of my academic and  professional experience. In the future, I would like to fulfill my aspirations and enroll in an MA program in Human Rights or Public Policy at CEU. This way, I will enhance my knowledge in human rights and freedom, which I can later use in promoting, protecting and advancing the rights of my Roma community. Furthermore, I would use my knowledge and experience back in my country in order to improve access to justice and inclusion of the Roma community in the creation of the public policies.”