Sebair Selmani

November 14, 2018

Sebair graduated with a degree in computer technology and engineering from the Skopje Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. He has worked with Romaversitas to help the Roma community in Macedonia through education.

“Being part of the RGPP program is a privilege and a great opportunity to continue my studies and at the same time strengthen my Roma identity. I have been participating in Romaversitas, an NGO which concerns the Roma people in my country. The reason why I became a part of an NGO, is the difficult situation that the Roma are facing in Macedonia. I realized and saw issues that were experienced by the Roma community, such as a deficient education, social and all other kinds of discrimination, prejudice, etc. In my opinion, the only way to resolve these issues is if young Roma educate themselves and contribute to their communities with the knowledge and experiences they have gathered in their respective fields. RGPP gives young Roma from all over the world the opportunity to study and simultaneously combine their passion for helping Roma people. Furthermore, RGPP offers the chance to meet Roma from all over the globe; hopefully, in the future, together with other RGPP students we can combine our knowledge and experience in order to make a serious impact concerning Roma issues. I hope I can improve my English and continue my education in the Business Analytics MA program at CEU. After my studies, I want to return to my home country and continue my fight for the Roma, but now with the skills acquired from the RGPP and CEU.”