Katalin Rostas

October 21, 2019

Katalin Rostas took her first enormous step into academics when she started studying at Corvinus University of Budapest at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Sociology Department. This experience inspired her passion to do community work, first as a volunteer at the Hungarian NGO, NOE. During her studies she also became involved in the Roma Education Fund as an intern, where she familiarized herself with the day-to-day practice of conducting a research project. This period marked the next focal point when her academic interests underwent exponential change. Her supervisors at the university and REF encouraged her to take part in RGPP, where she is pursuing her new aims, which are gaining greater clarity and attainability as she expands her knowledge in the field of economics. Her ambition is to apply this theoretical knowledge to benefit not just herself, but also the people around her. Her next goal is to complete an MA degree at CEU’s Economic Policy program or in Public Administration, which will allow her to convert theory into genuine, valid and reliable actions.
When asked why study is important and what motivates her, she replied that the answer is easy: once you have experienced injustice, you will be always eager to fight against it, otherwise it will be just someone else’s problem. Her solution is to find the root problem, attain the right financial backing and make change happen.