Lilla Eredics

October 21, 2019

Lilla Eredics graduated in the field of Social Sciences from Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary in 2018 and has been an active member of the College for Advanced Studies in Social Theory for the past four years. As a part of this joint academic group which focuses on social issues, she has had the chance to apply her skills in critical thinking to the exploration of political economics, postcolonial theory and feminism.

Since high school she has felt a deep commitment toward Roma issues, especially regarding the gender-, ethnic-, and class-related social struggles experienced by Romani women. Her deep interest in these areas motivated her to choose the field of social sciences as her professional area. Her continued dedication to expanding her knowledge while becoming an actor in Roma civil society provides the explanation for why she chose to participate in RGPP.

“Being a part of RGPP not only contributes to my academic development but also allows me to take a further step toward deepening my knowledge in the area of social sciences as I prepare for applying to an MA-degree program at CEU. In addition, RGPP allows me to become closer with the Roma academic community. An important aspect of my Roma identity has been formed by the process of realizing how non-Roma people have impacted the way I once felt about being Roma. Although my father is not Roma, I still perceived that I could not be considered non-Roma: the system defines what I can be, but not whom I can be. These feelings are what motivates me: I need to speak since by speaking I strengthen my sense of power and confidence in order to access those sites where social injustice is addressed. I want to be the one who speaks for, and in the name of Roma people because I strongly believe that without hearing the voice of the oppressed, oppression cannot be stopped.”