Sara Dungaj

October 21, 2019

Sara Dungaj completed her BA studies in Agribusiness Management at the Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania. The economic background she attained through this degree provides the basis for her academic interests, which bear a close relationship to socio-economic aspects addressed in the field of public policy.

Her involvement in local NGOs, where she was exposed to issues involving youth education, ultimately inspired her to seek proper methods for delivering realistic solutions to Roma communities. Her great passion is to help people, especially those who are under the kind of pressure brought about by difficult social transitions.

Sara wants to stress how very grateful she is to be a part of RGPP because the benefits of this program will have an enormous impact on her academic and professional growth. Furthermore, she is strongly motivated to serve in her country and community by investing all of her knowledge into the area of public administration throughout the years to come.

As a reflection of the future role Sara plans to take in aiding the integration of minority communities into mainstream society, the principle she wishes to follow can be expressed as "The total well-being of low strata = the total well-being of a country."  By saying this, she aims to work specifically on factors like employment, household wealth, education, health, poverty levels and women's participation in the workforce, issues that are all key to guaranteeing a better quality of lifestyle.