Roland Ferkovics (Hungary, RGPP '13)

RGPP is the beginning, the beginning of your professional and academic career. It is the beginning of acquiring the tools and the knowledge that can strongly help you make your dreams come true. If you are committed to work on Roma issues but also to develop yourself in an international environment, do apply!

Apply to RAP: messages from current students

"Calm down and come study at the Roma Graduate Preparation Program, here, at CEU. Your perspectives will change positively. I improved a lot over the past months. Don't worry any longer, come and join us!"

Xhenson Cela, student of Roma Graduate Preparation Program, Albania, Tutoring in Public Policy

Attila Ferkovics (Hungary)

October 29, 2015
My dream is to bring equality between the Roma and the non-Roma. But for that I need professional English language knowledge, and I am happy that I can learn that in the RELP program.

Margit Ignacz (Hungary)

October 22, 2015
I like to deal with pupils and I like to do drama pedagogy and different kinds of non-formal education. I think If I know English language well, I can help the children more effectively.

Leila Lazar (Hungary)

October 15, 2015
My dream is that one day I will work at United Nations or the European Parliament.