RGPP 2023/2024

We are excited to introduce the newest cohort!

Artur Ivanenko comes from Ukraine. He has earned a degree in Dentistry as well as in Public Administration from universities in Ukraine. He is dedicated to the fields of healthcare, human rights, and the advancement of Roma culture in Ukraine, and he has volunteered with Roma organizations. His aim at RGPP is to advance his academic English skills and he is planning to apply a master's program in International Relations. Looking ahead, he envisions a future where he can work for an international organization to benefit both the Roma people in Ukraine and those who have been compelled to leave their homeland due to the ongoing conflict and discrimination as a result of the war. 


Ivan Ivanov comes from Bulgaria. He completed his BA degree in Marketing at the International Business School in his country. During his studies, Ivan started to work in a hypermarket because he aimed to know more about marketing in the retail sector. He  became the Deputy store manager in a short time. Ivan has volunteered in a Roma NGO for three years. Voluntarism has helped him to be learn about policy topics such as Roma integration and education. Following RGPP, he hopes to get admitted to the MA program in Public Administration. Ivan's hobbies are related to art and he is interested in singing, drawing and dancing. Ivan is taking tutorial classes in public policy.

Cansu Karabulut comes from Turkey. She graduated with honours from Marmara University's Mechanical Engineering Department in Istanbul, Turkey with a Master in Engineering (MSc). She believes there is no typical male or female jobs, and as a woman, she would like to advance her career in science. Her papers are being prepared for publication in a SCI indexed journal.  At RGPP, she wishes to conduct research on the Dom tribe, a group of the Romani community, and engage in activities relating to this underrepresented group, of which she is a member.Cansu comes from an activist family: The first person to work on the Dom community and start an association was her father, Mustafa Karabulut. Cansu would like to follow his footsteps. She also enjoys a art, like acting, cooking, writing poetry, and painting. She would like to apply to MBA and pursue her dream of becomng a successful businesswoman.

Ramona Fabri comes from Budapest, Hungary. She has gained her BA degree in community coordination. As an RGPP student, she is preparing to apply for Gender Studies at CEU. Ramona sees RGPP as a great opportunity to be a  part of an international and open-minded intellectual society at a university. She also hopes to develop her English skills and practice an academic lifestyle. She feels RGPP offers the opportnity to study very interesting disciplines and to connect with other Roma people from all around Europe. Ramona's main interest is related to women’s rights, equality and justice in our society, through gendered lens. Ramona is taking tutorial classes in Gender studies.
Vira Dranhoi comes from Ukraine. She graduated from the judicial-administrative faculty at the Odessa Law Academy and received a master's degree with honors. During her university years, she developed an interest in human rights and the rights of minorities. In the past Vira also volunteered in community projects where she provided legal assistance for marginalized groups. During her RGPP, she is taking tutorial classes in international relations. In the long run, Vira's goal is to help and protect Roma people at an international level. 

 Jozsef Bader cames from Hungary. He graduated as a primary school teacher from ELTE University. Prior to coming to RGPP, he worked as a primary school for two years and he worked with Phiren Amenca International Youth Network. His expectation of himself for these ten months is to work hard and improve his English skills.

He is taking tutorial classes in the public policy, because he hopes to apply to an MA in public policy and plans to work for an NGO. His hobbies are related to arts such as singing, painting and handcraft.

Tugay Aslım is a Roma young man coming from Turkey. He grew up in Sakarya and studied International Relations at Ege University in Izmir. He started to get involved in Roma activism during his university years. He built up relationships with Roma associations from many  regions of the country. He has been involved in projects partnering with local governments and public institutions. He has become familiar with the Strategy Plans for Roma and decided that he would devote his life to Roma rights. After RGPP, he plans to continue to work on improving Roma communities' access to employment, education, housing, health and social inclusion.

Thanasis Mitrou comes from Greece. He graduated from the National Technical University of Athens. He is a Metallurgical and Mining Engineer. He would like to study political science because it has always been his dream. He is interested in policy making, and  he thinks that maybe one day can become a politician. He has long-term plans at CEU: he is planning to apply to an MA program and would like to enroll in a PhD in cognitive science.