Kompetenciafejlesztés projektmódszerrel [Developing Competencies through Projects]

FALUS, K. & VAJNAI, V. (2008) Kompetenciafejlesztés projektmódszerrel. [Developing Competencies through Projects.] Budapest: Oktatáskutató és Fejlesztő Intézet. 

This volume contains ten projects for elementary school students (grades 1-6), focusing on education for democracy (from self-awareness to voting), developing different competencies in a complex way, and their trial experiences.

The projects were developed by practicing teachers (under the guidance of professionals experienced in project preparation) and were implemented in different schools of the country (in the capital, rural areas, municipal and alternative institutions). The theoretical and practical introduction in the volume, the detailed description of the projects and the trial experiences gained in various institutions in the country make it possible, with their help, to try project education at school, even those teachers who until now felt that they did not have sufficient professional and experiential support for this.

The projects included in the volume - from September 2008, 5-6. can also be used in non-specialized education, which is compulsorily introduced in the first grade, and can also be used well by instructors and students of teacher and teacher training institutions.