Inward Looking:  The Impact of Migration on Romanipe from the Romani Perspective
New Directions in Romani Studies Book Series; Volume 2 

Series Editors: Huub van Baar (Leuven University) and Angéla Kóczé (CEU)
Author:  Aleksandar G. Marinov (St Andrews)

Berghahn Books, 2019

At present, Roma are an integral part of Europe, though they face structural and social inequalities and different forms of exclusion and discrimination. Inward Looking seeks to understand the relationship between Romani identity, performance and migration. Particularly, it studies the idea of ‘Romanipe’ through the prism of the personal accounts of Romani migrants. It also seeks to understand the relationships between the Romani groups in Europe, due to their increased travel and convergence, and predict the effects of migration on (new) Romani consciousness. The findings are based on qualitative data gathered from Romani migrants from three towns in Bulgaria.

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