Exploring Marginalized History, Societal Structures, and Power Dynamics in Europe

September 28, 2022

In the last academic year Celine Cojocar from France, through the OSUN opportunity, took two general RSP courses that are also mandatory elective courses of the Advanced Certificate in Romani Studies Program. Currently Celine is pursuing her MA degree at Sciences Po Paris in European Affairs with a focus on Social Policy and Innovation.

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This is what Celine shared about taking RSP courses:


I am very interested in social policy and how to create more just societies. I am especially curious about policy-making concerned with countering discrimination based on race, class and gender in Central and Eastern Europe. However, the majority of the education I received on those topics until now focused on the U.S. context. The courses at CEU allowed me to explore those topics in the European context and focus on Europe’s biggest minority through an intersectional lens.

That is why last year I signed up to two general RSP courses: “Critical Approaches to Romani Studies (winter term)” and “Race, justice, solidarity: addressing anti-Roma racism in contemporary Europe (spring term)”. 

I really learned a lot from the two courses. We studied not only current policies, but also historical injustices, questions of identity, and intersectional feminism. I also loved how diverse the student body was. Students are not only coming from different countries, but also from different disciplines and can therefore all contribute with different perspectives to the discussion.

The courses are perfect for everyone, who wants to discuss questions of race, identity, and social justice in the European context, but also for anyone who is interested in learning more about rather unknown history or the development of current societal structures and power dynamics.