Here is where you can find the profiles of the 2015-2016 RAP alumni.

Students leave the Roma Access Programs with more than just academic skills and qualifications. The lifelong friendships and professional relationships that students forge during their time at RAP are helping to build a growing international network of RAP alumni – a close-knit community of successful Roma professionals who are committed to making a difference.

RAP alumni are a diverse group - they come from all over Europe, from over 20 countries and can be found working, studying or conducting research in a variety of professions and disciplines all around the world. What unites them is their Roma identity and their strong desire to challenge preconceptions and to act as role models and agents of change for the benefit of their community. The bonds they form during their time at RAP enable them to support each other in achieving this goal.

More than 200 students have graduated from the RAP since 2004. Many of them successfully enroll in MA programs or progress directly to working at international Roma and non-Roma organisations, or local NGOs in their home countries. Many of our graduates received prestigious internships at the European Commission and the US Congress, among others. RAP alumni have gone on to work at the Open Society Institute, the Roma Education Fund, World Bank, the International Office for Migration, the European Roma Rights Centre, and even at the CEU itself, to name just a few.