Aida Farkas

October 5, 2015

Aida comes from Romania, where she studied Law. In the academic year 2014-2015 she was a student in the Roma English Language Program. She applied to RGPP because she wants to continue with an MA in Human Rights.

“The recurrent experience of injustice and the hope for justice led me to choose Law School. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Law at the University of Timisoara, Romania in 2014. As a Roma undergraduate student, I am convinced that education is one of the most important factors in equalizing the situation of the Roma minority. Realizing this crucial element, I started to voluntarily help Roma children from my community to organize their study materials and to give a hand in doing their homework.

RGPP means for me intensive academic tutoring in Human Rights, and the audit classes provided during the winter semester will be very useful for me in preparing for my further studies, giving me a preview for the next step. Moreover, RGPP will contribute to the improvement of my English, which is crucial for my future plans. I acquired English language skills in RELP but without practice in this international environment it is more difficult to preserve them. In the same way, the academic writing and critical thinking have a particular importance for me as a defender of human rights in identifying and reporting violations.

My primary aim is to study Masters in Human Rights at a prestigious foreign university in order to become a strong voice in defending my ethnic rights. After finishing my studies I am highly committed to be involved in the work of international NGO-s dealing with human and minority rights. Furthermore, I am particularly interested in the topic of euthanasia that comes in contradiction with the right to life. I started doing research on it from the perspective of legal issues and I want to deepen this topic. ”


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