Andrei Timchenkov

October 5, 2015

Andrei is coming from Smolensk, Russia, from a traditional Roma community. After graduating, he joined the CEU Roma English Language Program, in 2014. He wishes to continue his research on the Roma Development Programs in Russia, after pursuing a MA in Human Rights at Central European University.

"I come from a very strong Roma community and I was raised up in traditional community with strong values and principles. During my studies I experienced discrimination from both my colleagues and teachers. However, all the difficulties I passed through made me more ambitious about changing my future. Being a Roma, I have always felt that I can do better for the community. In 2010, I graduated from Smolensk College of Economics, Statistics and Law as a lawyer. In 2013, I successfully graduated from the Moscow University of Management and Law, Smolensk branch, as a specialist in Civil Law.

I want to study at Central European University and the completion of Roma Graduate Preparation program gives me a chance to be accepted in MA in Human Rights. In the future, I want to improve the legal status of Roma people in my country and also to act as a role model, in my community, for other young Roma people. This program and CEU give me strength and courage to follow my path, while making a significant contribution to my education.

Roma people in Russia face many difficulties and their human rights are daily violated. In my country, the Roma rights are very poorly protected due to the fact that the program recommendations to the executive authorities of the Russian federation and local authorities to work with Roma population are inefficient. I want to investigate how the programs were developed in other states, what prerequisites those states had, and how they were applied in real life. Also after finishing MA in Human Rights I want to create Roma organization which will protect rights in civil law.

RGPP gives me a chance to study academic English and explore specific legal mechanisms and institutional processes that will help to implement human rights efficiently. So, I will be able to explore international mechanisms for the protection of human rights, with particular focus on the Council of Europe and the United Nations, freedom of expression protection, human and political rights, and non-discrimination."

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