Fatma Gol

October 5, 2015

Fatma comes from Turkey and she studied Finance and Economics. She was in RELP in 2013-2014, and as an RGPP student she receives tutoring in Economics.

"I have a strong desire to continue my studies in Public Policy Department through the Roma Graduate Preparation Program. While studying at the University, as an undergrad, and during my numerous internships I noticed that academic life is more interesting for me and I am eager to constantly learn and to share my knowledge with other people.

One of my professor's told me that I have very good presentation and organizational skills and took me as his assistant. Afterwards, he advised me to continue my education so that I could fulfill my dream of being a recognized Roma professor. Unfortunately, in Turkey and abroad, the Roma people are often looked at with suspicion or contempt; my goal is to show that we are more than their negative stereotypes. Therefore, this has been my great motivation: to continue my studies, to go on to do a Doctorate and to teach within the Roma communities. Moreover, I believe that with my knowledge and title I will be able to one day launch a project, which is an idea very close with my heart, one that will deal directly with the Roma community in Turkey.

Roma organizations in Turkey have just begun to develop; this is why they need not only economic support, but also well-educated people. Definitely, children are the most important development factor of the future for the Roma nation. Unfortunately, in the region where I live there aren't any solid Roma organizations, this is why I decided to take the initiative myself and went to the school where the Roma children study and suggested to help them in learning more about the Roma folklore.

As a Roma, I want to excel in my academic field and to support Roma Organizations in Turkey with my obtained knowledge. I have a strong desire to get into Economics because it will provide me with practical knowledge that can be applied to developing the Roma people's well-being, then I will become a person who is helpful for Roma people in Turkey. I am a person full of initiative, determination, and creativity, and I am dedicated to public service."

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