Julian Kondur

October 5, 2015

Julian comes from Ukraine and he is a lawyer and human rights activist. He wishes to pursue an MA in Human Rights at CEU, upon graduating from RGPP, so he can continue his work at a local and international level on promoting the Roma rights. His goal is to help young Roma with legal advice and to protect their interests. He is the RGPP representative in the CEU Student Union.

“I am here because I am confident that this year will be very special. It is time to broaden my horizon. It is time to act. Studying at CEU provides me with a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world. I am curious about others’ experiences, cultural diversity, and homelands.

I have a strong personal and social motivation to be part of RGPP. I want to work on Roma issues at a local and international level, after getting an MA degree in Human Rights. I would like to help young Roma people with legal advice and protect their interests. I feel a very strong personal and social duty to break the structures of inequality. I owe very much to my family. They have been my example of leadership, they showed me how to strive for success, how to push the limits. My main goal as an activist is to change the perception of Roma as ‘second class citizens’, I want to show that all of us are equal in our freedoms and rights regardless of gender, race, age, social class, national or ethnic belonging.”

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