Karoly Esztergalyos

October 5, 2015

Karoly is Hungarian and he studied Finance and Accounting. He was a RELP student in 2014-2015 and now he is taking tutoring in Economics, wishing to apply for a Finance at the CEU Business School.

“As a participant in the ongoing CEU Roma English Language Program I encountered the international community and the academic standards that have made such an impression on me that I want to continue my studies at the very same institution. I am looking forward to improving my English skills, to reach fluency and a higher level of accuracy in my chosen field. I want to learn the business terminology, especially in the fields of Finance and Economics. I am interested in the curricula of the MA in Finance program. Accounting raised my interest even more, since I have already finished a minor accounting course and became a Certified Public Accountant and the MSC course would give me a thorough knowledge of the international aspects of the field, especially of the ways one can provide a corporation with cost-efficient accounting. For me, Finance, as a subject, seems to be thought-provoking too as it deals with corporate financial structures and investments, and also with the connections between personal financial decisions, personal investments and the stock market.

Apart from that I am willing to advance my knowledge in Finance so that I will become a useful member of the sector providing my future company with a high level proficiency and relentless dedication. It is important to promote role models in the Roma society. As we know, Roma people are under-represented among the highly educated middle-class, especially in the field of Financial Management. I believe that if I succeed to realize my dreams and plans it would be an example for the young Roma, too.”

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