Lantos-Humanity in Action Congressional Fellowship - Edita Rigova

July 31, 2016

Edita Rigova is from Slovakia and in 2016 she was one of the Lantos-Humanity in Action Congressional Fellows.

"Lantos-Humanity in Action Congressional Fellowship allowed me to find out more about the U.S. politics and experience how the U.S. government runs. This program exposed me to an opportunity to work as an policy advisor on agenda of one of the U.S. House Representatives. Having a background in public administration, I have been curious how the U.S. policy-makers create policies tailored to minorities. That was the reason why I applied for the program. I found working in the office I am placed at very interesting and challenging. I appreciate that my colleagues accepted me as one of them.

Apart of the great working experience, the fact that I am located in Washington, D.C. reveals many opportunities to network both within and outside of the Congress. During my working hours, I would meet many interesting people. I am in regular touch with constituents from the Congressman's district who come to lobby for or raise awareness of various important issues.

After work, I usually meet with people working in different organizations where Roma issues is part of their agenda. I met some American Roma and European Roma here as well and had opportunities to participate in various conferences and discussion about Roma, campaign for the presidential candidate, and Congressional briefings on topics such as foreign policy, gender issues, health, education, women's rights, environment etc."