Jews and Roma in Comparative Perspective - Joint course between the Nationalism Studies Program and Romani Studies Program at CEU, NATI/RSP 5065

January 10, 2018
2 credits
Wednesday, 15:30 – 17:10
Nádor 13, Room 302
Michael Miller and Iulius Rostas
Course Description
This course will compare Jews and Roma in Europe from a variety of perspectives and experiences, focusing on identity and boundary formation, mobilization patterns, as well as larger discourses about authority and authenticity. This course will also examine forms of exclusion and hatred directed at Jews and Roma, focusing on antisemitism and antigypsyism prior to World War II, during the Holocaust and Samudaripen, and in the post-war period. Special attention will be paid to the ways in which Jews and Roma have been categorized as European “others,” especially in the populist politics of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and also the ways in which these groups interface with one other, especially with regard to the memory and memorialization of genocide and questions of broader social and political mobilization.
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