Bettina Pocsai

January 15, 2018

As a young girl, I always liked to help other people, so from my early teenager years I started to volunteer at several places. The feeling to be part of something greater made me become the person who I am now. Working with families and children, Roma and non-Roma as well, taught me things that cannot be taught in school. Therefore, with the aim to lift and supplement all the knowledge I gained from working in the field in an academic setting, I decided to study social education.  
From the very moment that I heard about RGPP as a unique initiative and incredible opportunity for young Roma professionals, I wanted to be part of it. Since that my goal was to continue studies after my bachelor degree, I was sure that RGPP is the right place to start with.  Obtaining the fact that I have my bachelor degree in social education, besides improving my English skills, I also decided to take tutoring in sociology. I am putting a lot of confidence in RGPP, to build up my skills and prerequisite for future academic and professional success.