Geangos Gabriela

January 15, 2018

My name is Geangos Gabriela, I am 24 years old and I live in a small city in the Ialomita county of Romania. Fulfilling a fruitful education represents for me the way to improve my situation and the key instrument to reach my long-term goals. Despite the lack of financial resources, given the fact that my parents never had a job, I succeed to attend higher education and, furthermore, I achieved outstanding academic results. In June 2015, I graduated International Relations and European Studies at University of Bucharest, also I received my MA Degree in History and Practice of International Relations at the same university in June 2017. I was aware of the fact that in order to succeed, besides enhancing my theoretical skills, I need to get practical experience. For this reason, I got involved in various voluntary activities, both in the nongovernmental (I worked with NGO-s like Chance for Life, Romani CRISS, Asociatia Pro Democratia) and governmental areas (I have been an intern at the Government of Romania and at the Parliament). Also, I actively participated in many projects, at national and international trainings on topics like antigypsyism, discrimination, human rights and related subjects. Being determined to pursue a career in politics, I decided to enroll myself in the Roma Studies Program at CEU. Here I have the opportunity to complete my education by learning a new language as English, and by developing my knowledge about public policy issues – the tutoring course that I am receiving. I strongly believe that this experience will help me in my future career, to find employment in public or even European institutions, international organizations or local NGOs that deals with Roma issue. Although I had to overcome many hurdles on my academic path, I have realized from this negative experience that through perseverance, diligence and passion you can fulfill your dreams.

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