Ina Majko

January 15, 2018

My name is Ina Majko and I am an Albanian Roma woman with a strong interest in the intersection between Roma and environmental issues. While pursuing my bachelor in Biology at University of Tirana and at the same time being actively involved in the Roma movement, I became aware of the fact that the systematic racism and exclusion faced by Roma communities is present even in the environmental field. Currently, I am part of Roma Graduate Preparatory Program at CEU, tutoring on Political Ecology and auditing the Biodiversity and Conservation class at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy. I always have considered the Roma Graduate Preparatory Program as a connecting bridge that enables Roma students to pursue and succeed in their future studies and career plans by making them familiar with the international academic environment and at the same time strengthen their Roma identity. At the moment, I want to further my knowledge in the field of Environmental Science and Policy and to continue further studies in the same field. My ambition is to enable the Roma by creating a fair eco- Roma representation in the Europe.