Michal Mižigár

January 15, 2018

I have been active in Roma issues since 15 years old. I have been cooperating with NGO Miret, Slovo 21 on educational and cultural projects, with the objective to prepare Roma pupils for high school entrance tests. I also cooperated with Department of Romani Studies at Faculty of Arts at Charles University on an international project Qualirom. Its goal was to create materials for teaching Roma language in level A1 – B2.
In 2017 I was a fellow at U. S. Embassy in The Czech Republic at cultural and political department and worked in Open Society fund. I applied to RGPP because thanks to my previous experiences I realized that I needed to strengthen my English and would like to study my Master in English. My biggest expectation is to be an educated young Roma, improve my English and be prepared to study further in English. This program will help me continue studying History in English because I want to become an expert in Romani studies, to support and bring the knowledge for better understanding between Roma and non-Roma people which is an obstacle for mutual dialogue.