Pal Banda

January 15, 2018

I was accepted to the Roma Graduate Preparation Program in 2016. Applying to this program was one of the best decisions I have made. During the academic year I met inspired Roma youths who want to pursue studies on MA level from various regions. I had the chance to develop my academic knowledge and strengthen my Roma identity in a multicultural environment. I attended several lectures and seminars in the topics of Roma identity in the framework of the Identity and Leadership Seminar Series project. I have met Roma leaders, academics, and scientist. This preparatory program helped me to boost my academic English language knowledge and also gave me foundations in several area of Political Science. In addition I was participating in an Academic Writing course, where I internalized the basics of academic integrity. These were crucial in the successful application to MA programs. I applied and got accepted to the 2-years long MA program at CEU at Department of Political Science. This program perfectly fits my interests because in my MA studies I would like to focus on issues such as participation in politics, inequality and the limits/inadequacy of current political regimes. I hope that both the Roma Graduate Preparation Program and the Political Science MA program will help me to become one of the future leaders of the Roma community.