Aytaç Kayacik

May 9, 2018

I hold a degree in Sociology, however, I am also interested in Gender, Queer theory, LGBTI+ and Roma issues. At the same time I have done paintings, drawings since I was a toddler. Art has been an important and constant part of my life. When I was studying Sociology, besides the university classes, I took art classes working closely with a painting-drawing teacher. So, I am interested in visual arts, media, visual representations of identities, queer art etc.

I applied to RGPP because it is a very important opportunity for our academic improvement. Firstly it is very good opportunity for improving our Academic English skills. Secondly, RGPP provides us with tutoring classes in the selected field of study and provides us with the fundamentals of academic work. I like to learn something about art as I am doing paintings and drawing. At the same time, I am planning to do an exhibition on April 8 with the help of our academic director Angela Kocze. After RGPP, I am planning to go to a Master Program where I can do research about art. I am considering Gender Studies because I am interested in Queer art at the same time.