Call for Application for the RSP Barvalipe Fellowship

September 21, 2018

Call for Application for the

RSP Barvalipe Fellowship

The CEU's Romani Studies Program (RSP) invites self-motivated CEU RSP alumni to submit concept papers that propose innovative ideas, approaches and methods for the purpose of bringing about transformative change in the lives of Roma communities across Europe.

About RSP

RSP is an independent academic unit at Central European University which includes three components:

1.         The Roma Graduate Preparation Program, a non-degree program (RGPP)

2.         The Roma in European Societies Initiative and

3.         Academic teaching and research carried out by faculty and fellows.

RSP aims to engage scholars, policy makers and activists in interdisciplinary knowledge production and spur debate on Roma identity and the Roma movement, antigypsyism, social justice and policy making, gender politics and structural inequality.

What is a RSP Barvalipe Fellowship (BF)?

The main aim of this fellowship is to support outstanding CEU RSP alumni in their transition from scholarship to actual leadership engagement. Our assumption is that those graduates who have obtained a university degree and are members of our RSP alumni should combine the professional experience gained in the field with their latest achievements in formal education and therefore be able to lead transformative change within Roma communities. The RSP Barvalipe Fellowship aims to support your initiatives, enabling you to innovate and learn about the best ways to contribute to positive change in your communities.

Eligibility criteria:

RSP Barvalipe Fellows should be both Roma university graduates and CEU RSP Alumni who have either graduated recently or during the last 5 years. Applicants must have leadership and advocacy potential or experience and have demonstrated a commitment to improving the situation of the Roma community. Preference will be given to candidates who have taken part in different change initiatives for Roma communities. The principles of gender and geographic balance will be applied throughout the selection of participants.

CEU RSP Alumni - RGPP, RAP and RELP graduates as well as CEU MA and PhD Roma graduates demonstrating leadership potential and determination/commitment to learn the best approaches for enacting more effective leadership on behalf of Roma communities (RSP Alumni: ; )


Fellows can all be members of the CEU RSP Alumni from all of our Program countries. However, the proposed initiatives and projects can be implemented only in the countries where our donor (OSF RIO) operates, i.e. Albania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Spain. If Fellowship applicants are considering a project implementation outside of their country of residence, they are required to arrange their own placement and legal status including travel, accommodations, residence, visa permits, etc.

Non-eligible applicants

•          Applicants who will be actively pursuing their BA, RGPP, MA or PhD studies in the 2018/19 academic year.

•          Non CEU RSP Alumni applicants

There will be three methods for selecting potential candidates:

1)      Individual assessment consisting of a written part (CV and leadership essay about the applicant’s purpose) and a public interview

2)      Assessment of teamwork capacity as part of a team in a role-play exercise, and

3)      Assessment of strategic fit based on the following key criteria:

  • Critical thinking – Applicants are articulate in their critique of the situation of Roma, their description of their vision for a desired future situation for Roma and their identification of the structural barriers to be removed.
  • Public service calling – Applicants are articulate about the responsibility they want to undertake in the future. Those who see themselves as part of a collective struggle and seek to work with others on a team will be given priority.
  • Previous leadership experience – Applicants can explain leadership undertakings that they have experienced in their lives (within their family, among friends, or at Roma-related events), a challenge they have faced and what they have learned about themselves. Those who can share the insights they have gained throughout their experience and demonstrate maturity, energy, a high sense of motivation, a well-rounded background and the possession of strong interpersonal skills will be given priority.
  • Academic capacity – Applicants must have successfully completed RGPP and obtained a full degree at CEU. The academic background of applicants and their academic performance will be considered.
  • Reputation – Applicants’ ties to peers (e.g., informal groups, professional networks, and organizations that support their leadership aspirations) and the reputation they have built will be carefully assessed.
  • Innovation – Applicants must be able to describe and explain the proposed innovation in terms of new ideas, approaches and methods that have not been tried before.

Selection process:

 1. Pre-selection

1.a) Submission of concept papers

1.b) Participation at the workshop

1.c) Final application

2. Final selection – awarding of fellowship by CEU RSP/ OSF RIO

3. Fellowship implementation

Stage 1. a) Concept papers – October 2018

Applicants need to submit:

•          A concept paper describing your proposal in terms of the main goal, change objectives, proposed methods and the primary actions you plan to undertake, including a justification for the proposed innovation. Also, applicants should indicate what kind of knowledge and/or skills they lack and need to improve in order to implement their ideas more efficiently (please see the form attached to the call);

•          Curriculum vitae (CV) including two references as well as their names, titles and contact details.

Stage 1. b) Participation at the RSP Barvalipe Workshop (BW)

Up to 20 applicants selected during the first stage will participate in the five-day RSP BW. During the Workshop we will stimulate broader discussion surrounding the emerging trends that might positively and/or negatively affect the future of Roma leadership and their impact on the lives of Roma communities. We also hope to support participants’ thoughts toward clarifying their roles and relationships within the broader context of Roma leadership while additionally aiding them in attaining the clarity needed for finalizing their proposals.

Stage 1. c) Final application

At the end of the Workshop, participants must submit a proposal (3-5 pages in length) describing their comprehensive proposal, including the budget for between six to twelve months.

RSP Barvalipe Fellowship Support

Up to five of the best RSP Barvalipe Fellowships developed during Stage II (Workshop) will be awarded via the support of OSF RIO. Selected fellows will receive financial support based on their work experience and the complexity of the proposal in the form of a monthly stipend and travel reimbursements or compensation for communication costs. Other relevant expenses, such as books or online subscriptions, may also be included in the grant.

PLEASE NOTE: Being accepted for Stage I does not automatically imply that you have been accepted for the Fellowship.


Send your application to:, with “RSP Leadership Fellowship – Stage I” in the subject line

Deadline: October 14, 2018, by 23.59 CET

In case you have any questions regarding the call, please feel free to contact Jelica Nikolic at