Lisa Yaqoub

November 14, 2018

Erzsebet holds a Master’s degree in Arabic Studies from the Department of Semitic Philology and Arabic, Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest), where she received a scholarship to attend the Indonesian State University of Art, where she studied music and dance. She is a violinist and singer, having had performances all over Europe, including with the King Saint Stephen Symphonic Orchestra and the Oratorio Choir. She created a documentary film about Roma, Indonesian and African musicians and dancers which was screened in Budapest, and has worked as a journalist with Radio C (Roma Radio), Klubradio and at the MTV (Hungarian State

„After these experiences I decided to continue my study at CEU, which is one of the most prominent University. Here we should learn from excellent professors and fine scholars who always ready to help us to carry our academic research into execution. RGPP offered us the opportunity to improve our English language skills and to get acquainted with different fields of study. I am attending personal tutoring courses in History and International Relations. I have found here an vivid and multicultural environment, which is marvellous. When I meet and talk with other students, whose came from all over the globe, it enables me to see the world from different perspectives and it’s complexity. This academic and cultural diversity is highly inspires and motivates me.”