Philanthropy Week - Scholarship Reception

November 28, 2018

CEU Alumni

On November 27, 2018, a Scholarship Reception was organized by DEVO, as a part of CEU Philanthropy Week.
It was an event for scholarship recipients and donors, where we could hear personal stories of Alumni who shared their experience of being CEU student, expressed their gratitude to the donors and stressed how this opportunity changed their lives.
One of RGPP Alumni and current MA student at CEU, Igor Kostic from Serbia, shared his story as well, mentioning REF as the biggest support during his BA studies and for pursuing his studies at CEU. He indicated how important that is for him and many other young Roma, because without that kind of support his position would be totally different. On the other hand, it gives an opportunity to present Roma community properly, to participate in policy making for Roma on a higher level and to change the position of Roma community in line with its own interest.

Igor Kostic, CEU MA Roma student from Serbi