Adrienn Kovacs (Hungary)

July 18, 2019

Internship at Operation Black Vote

London, United Kingdom (June-August 2018)


  • Managing the website of the organization: editing and uploading articles. Additionally, I contributed to the visibility of the organization in social media through my active engagement in publishing articles/ opinion letters/ statements and op-eds in social media such as Facebook and Twitter;
  • Weekly contribution to the website's newsfeed by producing my own articles and opinion statements;
  • Data collection on political participation and representation of Black Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) groups in England;
  • General administrative work - including organizing events, serving as a contact point from the organization in relation to its shadowing portfolio -answering phone calls, sending e-mails. I was also responsible for the outreach activities in relation to the shadowing portfolio - conducting phone calls, organizing online platforms for sharing information, creating polls and questionnaires;
  • Shadowing the Director and the Deputy Director - provision of technical assistance for meetings and events outside the office and at the place of work. Drafting discussion notes and meeting minutes. Responsible for networking promoting the activities of the organization.

What did you learn?

I have learned how to make independent research, which requires both quantitative and qualitative skills. Furthermore, I have learned why the protest is important, and how to empower each and every community member by helping each other, be as a demonstration, handing out flyers or simply being with them in hard times.  I have learned from our organization director that only helping our community is not enough, but we have to be involved in other community work as well, and we have to recognize the connecting features. We have to collaborate on many things and working on projects together. Empowerment lays within the connection of people as well, and to use our knowledge to the best. In addition, I have learned the importance of political lobbying and how different policies that target minority groups, or improves equality are essential in a state.

Leadership skills you have obtained:

The most important leadership that I gained is is the confidence to approach people, and to know who to collaborate with. Also, I have learned that a good leader takes matters into hands, and is ready to be both on the front line within the office and out on the field.

How does the internship advance your future career?

I have a better understanding of policymaking on a state level, and how as a future professional I can contribute to equality policies, and community work. I have made several connections and had the opportunity to speak to both organization leaders and high-level politicians.

Future plans:

I am planning to continue my studies at Central European University as Public Administration Student. I am planning to have social justice and human rights specialization, which is the field I would like to obtain a job placement later on.