Kenan Tair

October 21, 2019

Acquired in Skopje, Macedonia, Kenan Tair’s background in computer science and engineering focuses upon software engineering and UX/UI design. Throughout his studies, he worked on many web and mobile applications as an intern for several IT companies, to whose work he contributed by offering fresh and innovative ideas regarding better user experiences and designing more user-friendly interfaces. In his projects, he combines many fields, such as education, e-commerce, health, entrepreneurship, marketing and graphic design. He has long been involved in the NGO sector as an IT consultant, volunteer and activist. His work includes building web pages for different companies, preparing complete solutions for e-commerce sites and working on mobile applications for preventing health issues through a healthy diet. He uses his technical knowledge to help the Roma community in a way that is accessible thanks to the era of digital democracy. After completing RGPP, Kenan plans to expand his knowledge of computer science by pursuing the field of business management so he can develop his own business that will benefit the Roma people. His plan is to apply to an MS program in Technology Management and Innovation or Business Analytics.