Rufat Demirov

October 21, 2019

While studying Political Science at the Faculty of Law ‘Iustinianus Primus’ in Skopje, Macedonia, Rufat Demirov was constantly involved in activism directed toward improving the situation of the Roma community. As a young, critical, creative and energetic young man, Rufat’s mission is to find inspiration in the two parts of his Roma identity: his first aim is to be proud and enjoy the beauty of belonging to an amazing community possessing a rich culture. His other mission is to draw motivation from the sad and often frustrating history of Roma. He often uses his talent for acting, public speaking, artistic expression and writing political analyses to make his views known, to criticize current policies and influence public opinion. During the past few years, Rufat has been involved in many forms of activism, policy making and policy-implementation processes while also doing an internship at the Government of Republic of North Macedonia in the Office of the Minister, the political unit responsible for the implementation of the Strategy for Roma.

 Rufat joined the RGPP program to build a broader foundation for continuing his education, developing his critical thinking abilities and increasing his leadership skills. After completing RGPP, Rufat’s goal is to apply to the MA-program in Political Science at CEU. He then plans to continue his career in academics as an assistant professor while doing a PhD. Rufat is of the opinion that every young Roma who has had the opportunity to be a part of RGPP and study in the amazing and Roma-friendly environment that CEU offers should feel responsible for giving back to the Roma community, both during the time spent at RGPP and even more so after graduating. His positive attitude, enthusiasm and optimism drive him to continue showing the world how beautiful it is to be Roma as well as the importance of focusing on the issues that his people face.