Semran Sulejman

October 21, 2019

Currently a law student, Semran Sulejman was born in Skopje, Macedonia. His first impression of the law and legal system was formed at an early age by TV series and movies that fascinated him due to their depiction of the sociological aspects related to legal issues.

 Throughout the years, he has continued to find different perspectives of the law equally interesting and mainly began to focus on International Law due to the debate surrounding his country’s name that began with its neighbor, Greece. His decision to start his legal studies at the Law Faculty of Iustinianus Primus in Skopje, was motivated by his focus on International Law.

 During his studies to present, Semran has actively participated in the NGO sector. From 2018 to 2019, he volunteered at Romaversitas Macedonia. He has also held an internship at the Basic Court in Skopje.In 2019 he became a volunteer and member of the Roma Lawyers’ Association in Skopje.

 Semran feels that his persuasive, creative, thoughtful and empathetic personality enables him to be persistent in achieving his goals as he joins the 2019/2020 RGPP cohort. His plan is to apply for an MA in either Human Rights or International Relations at CEU.