RGPP Participating in the Global History Lab project of Princeton University

November 25, 2020

Studying Trade and Integration, Statelessness, Health, War and Peace in a Global Context

Benefitting from OSUN,  RGPP students take part in the Global History Lab project of Princeton University starting from the academic year of 2020/21. Global History Lab provides the online platform and the assistance of teaching fellows for deepening students’ knowledge about the past and present of a globalized world. In collaboration, involving about 20 countries and academic institutions, students explore important subjects, such as War and Health, Statelessness, Trade and Integration, as they have developed through history. These subjects echo some important threads of the tutoring tracks of RGPP. 

In the RGPP curriculum, the Global History Lab plays the role of a “crash course” that provides students with first-hand experience of the best practices of teaching and learning in English. The course materials immerse them in a common problematic of Social Sciences and Humanities. Among the fundamentals of how to survive in academia, students learn the “building blocks” of graduate courses; they master the best techniques of managing assignments swiftly and successfully as well as the ways of establishing mutual support and productive collaboration in a team.

During the Fall Term, the RGPP cohort of 2020/21 has brilliantly completed nine case studies devoted to Chinese economic policies and nation-building in the United States; colonial world and imperialism; Cold War and modern developments of globalization among others. What seems especially interesting for Roma students is the variety of non-Western perspectives under consideration: such a diversity not only enables  a critical view of the past and present, but also highlights many challenges of leadership and collective identity actualized in the modern world.

Although RGPP students consider the Global History Lab a demanding course, they admit its importance and immediate positive effect on their academic development.


Iurii Rudnev, Teaching Fellow for the Global History Lab course, PhD student in Medieval History (CEU).