Meet Mihaly Orsós (Misi) an RGPP alumnus

January 18, 2021

Recently, another alumnus, Mihaly Orsós (Misi), has shared some of his thoughts with us about the program. Misi, a Roma from Hungary, graduated from RGPP in 2015 and is presently a data scientist. He is a logical, concise, and confident man who accepts challenges with an unusual ease. He was our first student to graduate from the Data Analytics MSc program. Since then, he has been working in the private sector and also as a visiting lecturer at CEU’s Department of Economics and Business. We are proud that Misi belongs to our wonderful RGPP community.

Mihály Orsós, Hungary Enrollment:2013/14 (RELP); 2014/15 (RGPP) – Applied Mathematics tutorial Academic background: Physics BA (minored in computer science) (PTE); Data Analytics MSc (CEU - Business School

To those who are thinking about applying for RGPP

As an RGPP alumnus, I would like to encourage all of you to apply for the program. If you want to learn in an interesting and flexible academic environment, with a focus on future goals, please apply. I especially recommend that those who grew up in low-income families apply for this program because it can transform your life. It did that to mine.

 My name is Mihály Orsós. I am a data analyst and I work as a data scientist. I have also been teaching a course at the CEU Department of Economics and Business for three years. I love coding, programming, biking, water-sports, and sailing.

My admission to RGPP had an incredible impact on my life. It is fair to say that without the Roma Program, I would not have been able to graduate from a master’s program in business analytics, let alone become a visiting lecturer at the very same program. All of these achievements would have felt impossible without RGPP.

The simple explanation about why I applied for the program is that I wanted to become the first person in my family to earn a college degree/diploma and I needed some help to pass my language exam for my BA diploma. But this wasn’t the only reason. I had also heard from Romaversitas that RGPP was an excellent program and that it helped prepare Roma students to successfully apply for a master’s program. The program gave me much more than just language skills and access to my diploma. During the academic year, I was tutored in applied mathematics, which eventually led me to a program at the CEU Business School. With the help I received from the program, I graduated from a master’s program as a data scientist.

The program has so many unique strengths. One of the best parts of the program is the community, full with good people. I found the intercultural dimension of the program fascinating: that you met students from many different countries. The things I enjoyed the most during my studies include the community, the time we spent together in the dorms, and the opportunity to learn English.

The program provides you with everything so you can focus on learning English and so much more. I am so grateful to the program. It is an amazing place that helps you change your life.

Please apply.

Best regards,

Mihály Orsós