Call for Country Ambassadors

January 28, 2021

A country ambassador is preferably an RGPP Alumni member who aids the recruit activities of RGPP in a given country or countries. A Country Ambassadors needs the following assets to fulfil the role:

· has extensive knowledge and good contacts with Roma and non-Roma organizations/intuitions/universities and colleges working (or in connection) with Roma soon-to be graduate or graduate students all over the specific country.

· is able to shape and implement a comprehensive recruitment strategy involving planning, initiating, and directing recruitment activities in the local language(s).

· is able to coordinate the following activities:

· organize and lead minimum 2-3 webinars/meetings with minimum 10 interested potential RGPP applicants present (potential applicants should qualify the following: have a BA/BSc degree, or will graduate in the academic year of 2020/21, speak English around B1 level)

·is able to promote RGPP with materials provided by RSP

· has extensive knowledge about the program to answer the questions of the prospective applicants.

· Time frame: between 15 February – 30 April 2021

· Renumeration: 450 EUR after confirmation of performance

· Target countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, France, Spain, Ukraine, Turkey, West Balkan region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia – in this case, minimum 3 countries must be covered)

· Application deadline: 4 February, 2021 application to be sent in pdf format to

How to apply?

Submit a recruitment plan for the specific country (3 countries in case of the West Balkan) including the following components:

· How do you plan to reach out to prospective candidates? What are your present assets (contacts, membership in any organisation, etc.)

· Explore new ways to recruit students - or as a result of individual contacts - give detailed feedback on candidate's difficulties and give recommendation on solutions.

Selection procedure

Applications will be evaluated and decision will be based on a competitive basis, assessing which Ambassador applicant’s recruit plan and recruit activities are the most likely to reach out to the highest number of potential RGPP applicants.