Country Ambassador Team Supporting RGPP Outreach!

February 3, 2022

RGPP Country Ambassadors offer support to interested applicants during the application process!

How can RGPP the Ambassadors help applicants?

  1. Help you interpret eligibility criteria and guide through the application process
  2. Answer any questions you may have about student life, academics, and more
  3. May share insights into MA programs and MA application process
  4. Remind you of important application deadlines

How to contact them?

Please send us an email to  and Apply to RGPP by April 8! 

Our Team:

Simona Torotcoi, Country Ambassador for Romania, Moldova

RGPP a jucat un rol important în cariera mea profesională și academică. Una dintre cele mai importante modalități de a da înapoi programului este să fac tot posibilul să ajung la cât mai mulți tineri interesați și să fac cunoscut programul în rândul studenților romi din România.

RGPP played an important role in my professional and academic career. One of the most important ways to give back to the program is to do my best to reach out to as many interested potential applicants as possible, and make the program known among young Roma from Romania.



Ciprian Nodis, Country Ambassador for Romania, Moldova

RGPP is a life changing opportunity for any Roma person interested in continuing his/her studies in a high-level academic environment.

RGPP e o oportunitate foarte importanta pentru orice persoana de etnie roma, care doreste sa isi continue studiile intr-un mediu academic performant.

Yanina Fyudr, Country Ambassador for Ukraine, Russia

RGPP - це програма мрії в реальності, програма, яка дає можливість відчути життя за кордоном, навчання на найвищому рівні, дружбу, дізнатися, що таке гідність і як її захищати і головне - як здійснити свою життєву мрію.

RGPP is a dream coming true! It is an academic program where you can experience life abroad, education on the highest level, and friendship. The Program’s approach centers on respect and dignity. RGPP also helps you make your own dreams a reality.


Senada Sali, Country Ambassador for North Macedonia, Serbia

Во сеќавање имам многу драгоцени моменти од нашата посета на Монор, интер-културниот фестивал на ЦЕУ, прославата на 8-ми Април, денот на дипломирањето и сите оние настани каде што ја претставувавме нашата заедница и програмата. Сите тие моменти беа посебни; никој од нас немаше да ги доживее тие моменти да не беше дел токму од оваа програма. Тоа се посебни искуства што никој друг, па ни останатите студенти на ЦЕУ, не можат да ги разберат.

I keep many precious memories about our trip to Monor, the CEU intercultural event, the April 8th celebration, graduation day, and all those events where we represented our RGPP community. All those moments were special; none of us could have experienced those moments had we attended other university programs. These are special experiences that no one else, not even other CEU students, can understand.

Albi Veizi, Country Ambassador for Albania

Inkurajoj të gjithë të rinjtë Romë që janë të përkushtuar në zhvillimin e tyre akademik, mos ta humbasin këtë mundësi sepse do të transformojë jetën e tyre.

I encourage every young Roma who is committed to their academic development not to miss this opportunity as it will truly transform their lives.

Burcu Kısac, Country Ambassador for Croatia, Montenegro, Spain

Education, in my opinion, is a great tool for empowering the ‘self’ as well as it is a great tool for giving authority to our own ideas and for developing our own thoughts. RGGP, in this sense, has been a unique program that paved the way for gaining recognition of the importance and the value of my own thoughts, words, skills, and capability.

Serkan Baysak, Country Ambassador for Turkey

The program has opened a new chapter in my life with full of opportunities that I have never imagined before.

Program hayatımda daha önce hiç hayal etmediğim, fırsatlarda dolu yeni bir sayfa açtı.

Lyusi Georgieva, Country Ambassador for Bulgaria

Участието ми в програмата бе едно от най-страхотните ми преживявания. Време, в което създадох едни от най-добрите приятелства и незабравими моменти. Програмата отваря врати и за страхотни възможности за учене и развитие.

Ако и вие искате да имате такива преживявания не пропускайте да кандидатствате!

Participating in the Program was an amazing experience! This was the time when I got my best friends, unforgettable moments, and great opportunities for learning and development. Apply and be a part of the experience.


Mikulas Lakatos, Country Ambassador, Slovakia, The Czech Republic

As a former RGPP student, I have experienced the power of an environment that supports and motivates young Roma to achieve their dreams. I hope that more and more young Roma gets into positions in which they will be seen as role models, and that their life experiences can resonate with other young Roma individuals. I am happy to bring these views in my country ambassador role!