Preparing for Future Career

February 4, 2022

Francesca Nicolodi about MA/PhD level courses
at Romani Studies Program

The Romani Studies Program offers four MA/PhD level courses during the academic year.  The classes are available to any currently enrolled CEU and OSUN students who would like to challenge themselves and learn about critical Romani studies through a unique approach.

And why is it a unique setting, how can students benefit from the classes? Francesca Nicolodi tells us why for her, a young Italian Roma graduate student  studying in Germany, it made sense to take classes with us.  Francesca studied at Bard College Berlin while taking the two courses from the Romani Studies Program. Francesca is pursuing her BA degree in 'Humanities, the Arts and Social Thought’ with a concentration in Ethics & Politics.


These are Francesca’s words:

As I never had the chance before to meet other Romani people in an academic environment or learn about my own history, identity, and culture, I was very excited to take courses from the Romani Studies Program and get involved with the RSP community.

Thanks to the classes “Sociological Approaches to Romani Studies” (fall term) and "Critical Approaches to Romani Studies" (spring term), I met other young Roma students and professors who were as passionate as I was to learn more and use our studies to change the living conditions of Romani people. The class also helped me reflect on political processes from Roma perspective, and learn about Romani people.

The theories and concepts that I have studied in class brought me clarity in myself and my political views. I am still using many texts from my courses to make sense of the struggles of Romani people as well as other minorities today. The peers and professors I met in the program opened the doors to many new experiences that have prepared me for my future projects and career. The community I found, brought me hope and motivation to create and get involved in new projects and organizations. Overall, the program has helped me grow and learn about myself. It made me feel part of a community that is growing and that I am very proud to be part of.

In the spring term of the current academic year, interested students can select from 2 classes. RSP 5065 Race, justice, solidarity: addressing anti-Roma Racism in contemporary Europe and LEGS5172  Critical Race Theory: Race and Law from the United States to Europe. For any questions about the courses, feel free to contact