RGPP Info Session in BULGARIAN! March 27, 2PM (EET)

March 9, 2022

March 27, Sunday, 2pm EET!

Ask RGPP related questions in Bulgarian language!

What does the RGPP scholarship cover?  What will I study? How do I send recommendation letters? How do I register in the application portal?

ZOOM link :


Passcode M8G2Ka

Meeting ID925 5686 8522

Lyusi Georgieva, our Bulgarian country ambassador, will be able to answer all your questions regarding the application process and student life! 

Why is it worth applying to RGPP?

Thanks to RGPP, I made wonderful friendships. By becoming an international student, I also stepped out of my comfort zone.

Rayna Emilova, Bulgaria

The CEU Roma Program had a huge impact on my life. Without the Program I would not be living and working in Brussels. Learning the English language opened my horizons 

Biser Alekov, Bulgaria

Almost all the people I have met, people who have been through the program say that RGPP is amazing, and they have become totally different people, you can grow here, and improve all your skills. 

Maria Atanasova, Bulgaria

RAP was my first and one of the best international personal and professional experiences. During RAP was the first time I ever got involved into a professional environment where I learned academic English with the aim to prepare for Master’s studies at CEU.  

Angel L. Ivanov, Bulgaria