New Frontiers in Romani Studies 2022 Summer Course

July 8, 2022

The 2022 New Frontiers in Romani Studies: Insights from Critical Race Theory summer course run from June 27 until July 8. This year 17 students from 12 countries participated either online or in person. The course was an intensive academic experience facilitated by 9 international faculty. Those who attended in person had also the opportunity to be introduced to Budapest based Roma leaders and various initiatives of the Roma movement.

In a dynamic setting that includes lectures, discussion, and time to develop original group projects, the curriculum provided student with an opportunity to:

  • form a complex understanding of the main ways in which race and racism operates in Eastern Europe and beyond
  • reflect upon how racism forms the structure our societies by analyzing the experiences of Roma in various historical period
  • critically analyze legal measures and policies towards Roma and other ethnic groups
  • identify and analyze forms of everyday anti-Gypsyism/ anti-Romani racism

The summer course ended by 4 group presentations that covered the projects the participants worked in groups during this course.


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