Practice and Positionality: Ethics for Early Career Critical Romani Studies Scholars

July 26, 2022

Ethics Guide Prepared by Fanni Puskás, Sevdjulje Ramadani, Vittorio Tavagnutti, Emma Várnagy, Hannah Zimmerman


This document is intended as a short guide for early career researchers from fellow early career researchers in the field of critical Romani studies (CRS) facing questions about ethics and positionality in their budding research projects.

Through reflection and conversation on our own struggles laboring in the field of critical Romani studies, we compiled and shared resources (in the form(s) of questions to ask yourself, tips and suggestions we wish we knew at the beginning of the research process, and academic literature we recommend looking through.

This ethics guide is divided into sections corresponding to the (usual) phases of producing research, although some topics raised may require continuous reflection. For each section, we first share difficult questions we have had to answer and challenging dilemmas we have encountered and needed to solve. Following this subsection, we provide our own advice for early career CRS scholars based on advice given to us we have found valuable as well as tips we wish we could give more naïve versions of ourselves. We conclude each section of the document by sharing resources, in the form of academic, popular, and informal literature, combined with online/accessible courses and workshops as well as multi-media resources. This play guide is a living document, and so we invite the reader to join this conversation by adding your own advice and recommendations.


The guide was prepared during the Summer Course New Frontiers in Romani Studies: Insights from Critical Race Theory at Central European University in 2022. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and not of their respective universities nor Central European University.