19th RGPP Cohort on CEU’s Vienna Campus

October 13, 2022

We are pleased to announce that in the fall of 2022, the 19th cohort of RGPP started the Academic Year on CEU’s Vienna campus.

It is wonderful to see RGPP students and RGPP alumni in MA/PhD programs meet and socialize, develop connections and explore together the whole CEU experience. It’s a little new for all of us but our alumni community is a great support. This is how we have always had it, and this is how it should be.

– explains Maria Vigh, RGPP Coordinator.

RSP has a long history at CEU. Since 2004 various academic programs have run from the Budapest Campus. Our students have always had a unique contribution to CEU’s academic and social life. RGPP students audit MA courses in the winter term, organize various community events around Roma rights.

The components of the RGPP program remain the same: academic English classes, tutorial classes, and workshops/seminars on Roma rights.

The Budapest campus will be a unique part of our academic and social programs. We planned several trips throughout the academic year to introduce RGPP students to Roma civil society. Early in September we organized our first study visit where we our students met with Roma organizations and RSP alumni.

The environment is very collaborative and inviting. As a part of the CEU community, we have easy access to all the Vienna Campus’ learning spaces. I feel that there are a lot of resources available to support our education.

- said Maria Duminica, one of our new RGPP students about being a student of the first cohort to start in Vienna.



To learn more about the 19th cohort, visit https://romanistudies.ceu.edu/rgpp-20222023.

To learn more about the RGPP application requirements, visit https://romanistudies.ceu.edu/roma-graduate-preparation-program