RSP Alumni in PhD Programs - Rufat Demirov

October 27, 2022

Our program has been preparing students for graduate studies since 2004.  After graduation, more than 80% of our alumni continues their studies in an international MA program. This is already a great result for an academic preparatory program. However, there is an emerging group of RGPP alumni who go beyond MA programs and embark on PhD programs. Currently, we have 15 RSP alumni who are currently PhD candidates or already hold their PhD degrees and contribute to academia on variety of topics.  

We have several alumni who started their PhD program this academic year. One of them is Rufat Demirov.  
Rufat Demirov is a young Roma academic and activist from North Macedonia. In 2019 he completed his B.A. studies in Political Science at the Faculty of Law Iustinianus Primus in Skopje. In 2020 he finished the RGPP program at CEU in Budapest. In 2022 he completed his M.A. studies in Political Science at CEU in Vienna. He has been involved in many governmental and non-governmental activities concerning Roma in North Macedonia and Europe. His academic interest includes a variety of topics.  Rufat is interested in exploring racialization, statelessness, multiculturalism, recognition, political organization, social movements, biopolitics, dehumanization, intersectional social identity, post-colonial and de-colonial theory, and gender and queer theory in his PhD. 
And according to Rufat's own words, RGPP has played an important role in his journey:
RGPP helped me develop my academic skills and it also expanded my understanding of the European Romani identity. Thanks to the skills I gained there, I was accepted for CEU’s Political Science MA program, and I have recently applied for a PhD program.
- said Rufat earlier this year.
Since September, Rufat has been pursuing his PhD in International Relations at the CEU Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy, and International Relations.


We congratulate to Rufat on his successful enrollment and we are excited to follow his journey.
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