RGPP Students at Exploratory Study Tours

November 1, 2022

In October, the RGPP students and one of our tutors, Lucija Balikić, took part in an urban exploring tour series about the 'Red Vienna' project. This series is an opportunity to learn and discuss about the exciting history of Vienna's modernist architecture. Before each visit, the students engage with thought-provoking readings and podcasts on the topics of the tours.


The first tour explored various parts of the Karl-Marx-Hof building complex and courtyard, a result of the radical ideas on municipal housing, public services and social institutions and fiscal policy. The students discussed, theorized, historical and contemporary issues to understand the ‘Red Vienna project’.


The second exploratory tour focused on the Karl Lueger square and a century old monument of Karl Lueger, a populist and antisemitic mayor of Vienna.

Relating this case to the broader field of memory studies, the students carefully examined the information and interpretations of various actors, including state and local agencies and protesters who frequently desecrate the site. After gathering a few 'clues', the students discussed potential solutions and ways of dealing with the monument. In their reflections that covered the monument’s relocation and square’s redesign, the students also considered positive and negative consequences.

Teaching methods that invite active participation, critical thinking, and first-hand exposure are at the heart of our education philosophy. In addition to classroom-based formats, study trips, academic and public events are important parts of our curriculum and provide opportunities for students to work with RGPP alumni, Roma scholars, and public figures.


And this is how one of our current RGPP students, Dominika Badzova from Slovakia feels about the quality of education at RGPP:


At RGPP I receive the highest quality education.  I have finally found a place where I can grow. I have a great and experienced tutor who is devoted to my development and helps me prepare for my master's studies. I'm glad to be part of the CEU community. I feel that at RSP I am in the right place.


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