Global History Dialogues Course

January 7, 2023

Global History Dialogues Project 

  • Application deadline: January 15, 2023
  • Who can apply: RGPP alumni
  • How to apply: Maria Vigh (
  • Course Format: Online - mall group meets once a week, 1 hour-long class
  • MA credit: No MA credit offered

As an RGPP alumni, you can participate in a unqiue and participatory learning opportunity! Join the Global History Dialogues (GHD) course offered by Princeton University in cooperation with CEU. 

In the past wonderful and important projects were created by two RGPP alumni, Irena Majko (Albania) and Xhenson Çela (Albania)

" I believe that their story is also the important story of Roma’s marginalization in Albania. These women’s lives should be recognized and there should not be shame around it. I hope that my paper has contributed to this understanding. " 

- explained Irena Majko, course participant in her research project.

Irena's project titled "The Lives of Albanian “Çengies Unveiled through the Memories of the Roma People" can be access here: 

This is how Xhenson in his final remarks of his oral history project:

"the Roma elders have invaluable information and just exciting stories, which the younger generation must listen to and preserve!"

Xhenson's project titled "Roma Early Professions in Albania" can be accessed here: 


The classes begin in early February; a small group meets once a week for an hour to discuss the course materials and plan for individual research.

Learn more about the course from the course designer, Professor Marcia Schenck:

The course is taught by our RGPP History specialization tutor, Elizaveta Berezina.

For more information, please see the attached syllabus and the below flyer.