Museum Study Trip

February 27, 2023

The exploratory learning facilitated by Lucija Balikić, our history and cultural heritage studies tutor, continues in the second term! Trips like this throughout the year provide opportunities for students to immerse into the history around them and use critical thinking while engaging with the artefacts.

In February, Lucija and the RGPP students visited the House of Austrian History, located in the historical quarter of Vienna, on a vast square of Heldenplatz. 

This museum houses a permanent exhibition on the history of Austria in the 20th century.  The group visited the exhibition titled "Possibilities at a Turning Point".  The museum also serves as an example of some of the most advanced museological practices in Austria and the wider Central European region.  

The goal of this trip was to explore the era after the WWI. They also examined the curators' approach towards dealing with the difficult past.

Students shared that they appreciated how the exhibition links the Austrian historical experience with contemporary challenges.