Women's Rights and RGPP

March 8, 2023

 Over the past 19 years, we had a significant number of RGPP students interested in gender equity. These students often choose to take tutorial during their RGPP year in gender studies, sociology, and in public policy to learn more about the struggles of bringing about gender equity for all and advancing women’s rights. In this academic year we have two students taking introductory classes in gender studies from their tutor, Andrés Sarabia.

On international women’s day we proudly share some thoughts and initiatives from our students and alumni.

The 8th of March is a day to fight and to think about the oppression that ALL women suffering. The need for intersectional policies is urgent. We are fighting not just today but every day, and we will continue fighting for our past, present, and future generations to be able to have a society without gender violence or discrimination.

– Maria Aguileria, Spain, RGPP Cohort 2022/23

Gender Studies tutorial helps me pursue my passion. It guides me find my role in advancing gender equality and supporting people who are members of the LGBTQ Community.

– Ferenc Jozsa, Hungary, RGPP Cohort 2022/23

I did my master's degree in Women's Studies. My research interest focuses on the experiences of Dom communities, a Roma group in the Middle East. My observations are that 'women' are more affected by the socio-economic and socio-cultural changes than men. At the same time, the existing system impoverishes 'women'. Women experience poverty and deprivation twice as much as men. As a Dom woman, I, first and foremost, advocate for gender equality to honor the experiences of my mother my grandmother and other Dom women. The title of my MA thesis was “Transformation of gender perception in Dom society. Currently as I take introductory classes in Sociology-Social Anthropology, I often choose to focus on Dom communities in my assignments. One of my latest research assignments was on "Dom Women's relationship with the 'other': The process of transition from craft nomadism to informal economy".

- Zühal Gezicier, Turkey, RGPP Cohort 2022/23

It is time to prioritize difficult discussions. For example, we need to talk about the relations among concepts such as bodily autonomy and virginity and myths and expectations towards the Roma woman. We need to talk about how these narratives perpetuate discrimination.

- Rayna Emilova, Bulgaria, RGPP Cohort 2021/22


Many of our RGPP alumni focused on this field continue to make a difference through advocacy, research, and community engagement. For example, the Feminist Collective of Romani Gender Expert is built and managed by a group of wonderful alumnae, Marina Csikos, Hungary, Alba Hernandez, Spain, and Maria Dumitru, Romania.

Interested in becoming an RGPP student and taking introductory classes in gender studies?

Apply by April 8: https://romanistudies.ceu.edu/apply-rgpp-20232024