Become AC Student 2023

September 12, 2023

Since 2021, our Program offers an Advanced Cerfificate Program for interested MA/PhD students at CEU. By now, the program has 12 alumni who came to us from 8 different CEU programs. The program is open for all CEU students, RGPP alumni, Roma and non-Roma students. 

And why can the Advanced Certificate Program in Romani Studies attract students from all programs?  

Evelyn Oldham, Sevdjulje Ramadani, Sneha Sandez AC alumnae will tell you why!

Evelyn Oldham, GEMMA, Gender Studies, 1-year MA, AC alumna

I think the Advanced Certificate in Romani Studies is one of the best parts of CEU; the people, the courses, the community, the knowledge produced - RSP fully embodies the values our university holds dear, while being a home away from home for so many of us students. CEU would not be the same without RSP, the program and its certificate are truly a crown jewel of the university's open society initiatives. 

Students should choose to complete the AC in Romani Studies because it is one of the best ways to foster an open learning about the Romani people, their history, and their ongoing struggles and achievements, while being surrounded by students across multiple disciplines who bring unique perspectives into the topics that the program explores. It is an amazing opportunity to uncover deeper insights into these concepts as part of one of the best academic communities that our university has, and I cannot imagine my time at CEU having been complete and fulfilling without my participation in RSP. 

My thesis, entitled "'Justice!': Representations of Romani Women in The Walt Disney Pictures' Adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)", focused on how Romani women are intersectionally racialized and sexualized in the 1996 Disney film The Hunchback of Notre Dame, focusing on how the film adapted the original novel material, and the ways in which different female Romani characters were depicted through a feminist film critique and Black feminist lens. I chose this topic for the importance of noting similarities in how different women of color are often portrayed in media.
Starting in September, 2023, I will be serving as an AmeriCorps member in Seattle, Washington (USA), teaching primary school children math and English. After this, I plan to pursue a joint PhD in Gender Studies and English, on my path to becoming a professor. 


Sevdjulje Ramadani, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, 2 year- MA, RGPP and AC alumna


The Advanced Certificate Program in Romani Studies is an exceptional opportunity for both Roma and non-Roma students in MA or PhD programs to gain specialized knowledge on a wide range of issues concerning Roma communities across Europe and beyond.

I am delighted that during my master's courses in Sociology and Social Anthropology, I had the opportunity to attend numerous interdisciplinary cross-listed courses offered by CEU faculty from different departments in collaboration with the Romani Studies Program. These courses allowed me to interact with students from diverse backgrounds and various departments (nationalism studies, gender studies, political science, public policy, etc.), offering a unique chance in engaging with various perspectives and enriching my learning experience.

Besides engaging classes, there were countless ways outside the classroom through which I expanded my knowledge and broadened my perspectives, such as thought-provoking conferences, immersive field trips organized by RSP, or engaging in long critical debates with my peers at our favorite Irish pub or other gatherings.

To the new students who are thinking of pursuing the Advanced Certificate Program in Romani Studies, I can say that it can add a lot to the quality of your learning experience and meaningful connections with professors in the field and students with similar interests. Particularly, if your master's research project is concerned with any aspect of Roma communities, pursuing the Advanced Certificate Program in Romani Studies will provide great support and guidance.

My master's thesis is based on ethnographic research and explores an informal Roma settlement in Serbia, significantly enlarged and transformed by the displacement of many Roma from Kosovo (1998-1999).

Moving forward, I aspire to utilize my critical competences and knowledge in research and policy-oriented projects centered around promoting Roma equality, fostering social inclusion, and effectively managing diversity.

Sneha SandezCritical Gender Studies, 1-year MA, AC alumna

One aspect that strongly resonated with me was the readings and the in-class discussions. I appreciated the willingness of my colleagues and professors to create a safe space for critical, sensitive, and complex discussions that held immense relevance not only for our program but also across other majors.

I would encourage others to take an advanced certificate as it provides you with ample time and space to delve deeply into this topic and critical literature. Moreover, I feel incredibly fortunate to have made lifelong friends and allies during this journey! :)

My thesis topic is "A Comparative and Relational Analysis of Domestic Violence Manifestations among Roma Women in Hungary and Dalit Women in India." I chose this topic because there is limited existing work that brings these two communities together.

Currently, I am working as a Program Assistant with CREA, a feminist international human rights organization based in Delhi, India. I am specifically part of their Gender-Based Violence, Well-being and Rights team, and I am excited to learn and apply my academic knowledge/skills in the advocacy and policy space.

Do you want to learn more about the Advanced Certificate in Romani Studies? Don't miss our open house on September 14!