RGPP Students meet with Pedagogical Scholarship Recipients

October 5, 2023

On September 27, our current RGPP students met with the Pedagogical Scholarship Program of Roma Education Fund and Romaversitas Foundation's beneficiaries from Hungary.

The goal of this meeting was to provide a space for both groups to exchange experiences regarding their studies, academic goals, and areas of professional interest. During the conversation, the participants also got a chance to learn about both RGPP and the Pedagogical Scholarship Program. 

The idea of this learning meeting was proposed by the Hungarian program's coordinator, Csaba Olah, who is also an RGPP alumni. 

I felt that bringing these groups together can help RGPP students learn about Roma children's realities in Hungary, meet local young Roma, and promote the RGPP application among REF scholarship recipients.

- said Csaba.

The Pedagogical Scholarship Program is implemented in Hungary, Romania and Slovakia with the support of The Velux Fundations. In Hungary 25 beneficiaries have been selected.


Do you work with young Roma? Are you interested in bringing together RGPP students, alumni, your community for an exchange of experiences? Email us at Nemethk@ceu.edu