Pre-RGPP -Paths to Finding the Right Tutorial

November 1, 2023

Over the past years, through the Pre-RGPP online coueee we supported dozens of students who dedicated their free time to learn English. Some want to improve their English and use it at work, some apply to get to know RSP and CEU, and again some apply to get ready for their upcoming studies at RGPP. Artur Ivanenko, one of our currently enrolled RGPP students, completed the Pre-RGPP prior to starting his RGPP year. Two months in the program , he shared some of his reflections about Pre-RGPP:
CEU and the Romani Studies Program provide a learning  environment that not only prepares students for academic challenges but also opens doors to the diversity of cultures and perspectives represented by RGPP students.
Here I have the opportunity to improve my English, including public speaking and academic writing skills. I also know that challenges along the way are inevitable. I look at these challenges as inspiration and driving force for my intellectual and personal development.
My participation in pre-RGPP provided me with an in-depth understanding of public policy and gender studies. Even before my arrival in Budapest, I started building up the skills of analysing scholarly articles, which have proven invaluable during my studies. The preparatory program also helped me determine which direction within these academic disciplines interests me the most. This knowledge  guided me as I choose specialization for tutorial classes.
I am very committed to studying international relations, and I cannot emphasize enough the  role of my tutor in this process. She not only contributes to the expansion of my knowledge in this field but also supports my emotional well-being during periods of intense learning and research. I am confident that choosing this educational path was the right decision, and I eagerly anticipate the new challenges and opportunities during my RGPP journey. 


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